Comparing the Pros & Cons of Internal & External Indexes

The vast majority of companies on LIFO use a method called dollar-value LIFO. Under this method, the calculation of the LIFO reserve occurs as a side-calculation that occurs in two distinct steps, the first being the current year inflation calculation (front end) & the LIFO reserve calculation (back end). The front end of the LIFO […]

IRS Auditing More LIFO Calculations than Before

History of IRS LIFO Resources & Audits 1990s – 2000s The frequency & level of scrutiny being given to LIFO by the IRS has varied widely over the past 30 years that LIFOPro has been in business. When LIFOPro begun in 1992, the IRS Chief Counsel’s office employed multiple LIFO experts, and also employed many […]

2022 LIFO Lookout & Opportunities Guide

Download PDF Guide Recent LIFO Developments LIFO Related Congressional Updates No current general threats to LIFO on Capitol Hill H.R. 7832/S. 4105 – Supply Chain Disruptions Relief Act This bill was drafted to provide tax relief to new motor vehicle dealerships using the LIFO method who had qualified inventory liquidations solely attributable to supply chain […]

LIFO Tax Savings Calculator

Instructions: Identify the year to date & 20 year average annual historical inflation rates for your company using the tables shown below the calculator Enter the following values into the blue-colored cells: Prior year end inventory balance at cost Current year inflation rate 20 year average annual inflation rate: used to calculate the 20 year […]

Machinery & Equipment Dealer LIFO Case Study

Machinery & Equipment Dealer LIFO Overview Many machinery & equipment dealers use LIFO because of the consistent long-term historical inflation Majority of machinery & equipment dealers on LIFO have use external indexes & Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Indexes (BLS PPI), which is also known as the IPIC method IPIC method most predominantly used […]

How to Easily Implement LIFO

LIFOPro offers turnkey outsourcing solutions to allow companies to outsource all LIFO-related work to us! Listed below are the key steps to streamlining the analysis, calculation & implementation steps required to elect LIFO in the year of adoption. With our outsourcing model, companies can obtain material tax benefits from electing LIFO in the following four […]

How to Identify the Best LIFO Candidates

How can CPA firms easily identify clients that could be good LIFO candidates? Top LIFO Candidates List Excel File Two separate Excel sheets containing a list of the best industries, commodities & items to recommend LIFO elections for your clients Top LIFO candidates by Industry – List of 34 Industry-based candidates. Includes year to date […]

LIFO Q & A: First-time LIFO Elections

Why Should Companies Elect LIFO in 2021? LIFO remains to be the most valuable inventory-related tax savings tool In 2021, unprecedented inflation has created once in a lifetime LIFO tax savings opportunities in a wide range of industries There has been extreme inflation measured across the board so far this year. In metals and metal […]

Why Companies Should Always use Dollar-Value & not Unit LIFO

For companies considering adopting the use of the LIFO method, there are many options available to chose from in order to implement LIFO & perform the calculation. One of the most fundamental options is the LIFO index computation method chosen. The two options available are as follows: Dollar value method – A shortcut cost flow method […]

LIFO Schedule M Adjustments Explained

As with other Schedule M items, a LIFO schedule M adjustment represents a difference between the financial reporting (book) & tax treatment of an item that effects the computation of income (change in LIFO reserve affects cost of goods sold). There are two key concepts related to LIFO Schedule M adjustments. The first concept is […]

LIFO Benefit Case Study: Lumber & Steel

2021 has brought unprecedented inflation to many industries, with lumber & steel commodities seeing the most profound increases out of all industries. The focus of this blog is to highlight the potential tax savings that companies in these industries could achieve by electing LIFO this coming year end. Quick LIFO 101 The LIFO method can […]

IRS Releases Roadmap for Auditors to use on LIFO Taxpayers

The recent release of a new LIFO practice unit by the Large Business & International (LB&I) division of the IRS suggests that IRS agents will be increasing their focus on LIFO during exams. The “concept unit” titled LIFO records includes a 21 page slide deck PDF file outlining a road map of sorts to guide […]