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Grocery Store Chain: New York

“LIFOPro consistently provides fantastic service. I have no reason to consider any other companies for this work. LIFOPro strives to and succeeds in meeting all our business needs in the LIFO process.”

Home and Garden Retail: Quincy, IL

“Very happy with LIFOPro. David is always very quick to respond to my questions/requests and takes the time to explain LIFO implications, which can be rather complex.”

CPA Firm: Falcon Heights, MN

“The LIFOPro team did an excellent job; I think this has been the easiest year for us in pulling together and reconciling the LIFO data. Thank you and your team for all your hard work this year in assisting us with the LIFO project!”

Auto Dealership: Grand Rapids, MI

“LIFOPro meets our business needs perfectly. They have excellent customer service and competitive pricing, especially with the tax benefits we receive through their expertise.”

Hardware Retailer: Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you so much for all of the resources you provided us, as well as those you gave while meeting at our office. I am sure they will be very helpful as I transition into the tax role. I will definitely make use of them!”

CPA Firm: Los Angeles, CA

 “We appreciate the time savings LIFOPro has created for our firm, their expertise reducing audit exposure for clients and the consistency and accuracy in their calculations.”

Foodservice Distributor: Mt. Sterling, IL

“Thank you so much for spending the time to thoroughly explain the process of assigning PPI codes and allowing our company to effectively plan for the long term; this was very helpful. Thanks again for your explanations.”

CPA Firm: Miami, FL

“Thank you very much for the detailed breakdown that provided an estimated LIFO reserve on the potential LIFO candidate/client of ours. This was extremely helpful for use in our meeting.”

CPA Firm: Tempe, AZ

“I really appreciate the fast turnaround and the stellar service from you guys. Thank you so much.”

Furniture Manufacturer: Martinsville, VA

“We have started selling accessories – like throw pillows. Strangely, I find nothing that fits for them among the PPI codes. LIFOPro provided me a complete list of possible suitable PPI categories within two hours of emailing them my question. Thank you so much for your advice!”

Department Stores & Wholesale Clubs: Bentonville, AR

“We wanted to thank you for coming down to head our meeting, provide LIFO training and spending time with us going over our process and answering our questions.”