Turnkey Outsourcing Solutions

Make LIFO as easy as possible & go with the pros! Keep the tax benefits of LIFO while eliminating the administrative burden required to do so. Our turnkey solutions engagements allow companies to outsource 100% of the LIFO calculation & documentation/reporting work to us! Click on any of the labels below to expand the desired content & learn more.

  • Features & Benefits
    • Features

      • All tasks related to LIFO calculation & documentation/reporting outsourced to & managed by LIFOPro using our proprietary software & knowledgebase
      • All clients receive electronic LIFOPro report package containing comprehensive calculation documentation, including all LIFO-related financial reporting & tax return figures
      • Flexible engagement structures to include supplemental services, such as:
        • Interim estimates
        • Multiple calculations & combined reports for consolidated groups
        • Separate calculations for financial reporting & tax (for differing book/tax base years and/or methods)
        • Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer/Producer Price Index category assignments (BLS CPI/PPI; aka IPIC method or external indexes)
        • Reports including Sec. 263A UNICAP costs
      • Includes up to 40 hours of IRS audit support
    • Benefits

      • Avoid all the hassles of LIFO while preserving tax deferral/savings
      • Avoid the need to maintain in-house LIFO expertise and/or resources & reduce administrative/IT burden by partnering with the LIFO experts
      • Eliminate error-prone spreadsheet formulas & Excel schedules & replace them with standardized, user-friendly reports
      • Guarantee calculation accuracy, eliminate errors & audit risk
      • Increase reporting transparency & understandability
      • Simplify calculation policies/procedures & reporting
  • Best LIFO Practices & Review (for companies already on LIFO)
    • Optional complimentary offering for companies on LIFO in the form of a report that includes the following sections:
      • Calculation review
      • Methods compliance review
      • Best LIFO practices review
      • Pro forma calculations to compare LIFO reserve of present vs. alternative submethodologies
      • Calculation policies & procedures review
      • Change recommendations & implementation steps
    • Benefits include:
      • Learn about potential strategies for maximizing tax savings from LIFO
      • Detect/prevent past/future calculation errors
      • Identify potential audit exposure risk & how to eliminate/minimize it
      • Get recommendations for LIFO Submethods optimization
      • Get recommendations for simplifying calculation policies & procedures
      • Get straightforward solutions for implementing recommended change
  • How it Works

  • LIFOPro Reports
    • All clients receive LIFOPro PDF report package containing comprehensive documentation of the LIFO calculation, including all amounts required to record LIFO-related journal entries & present LIFO-related figures on financial reports & tax return
    • Report package generated from LIFOPro software & includes the following applicable reports (also available in Excel format):
      • LIFO calculation reports
        • Current year LIFO calculation summary (Report 18)
        • Current year LIFO reserve calculation proof (Report 18a)
        • LIFO inventory history summary (Report 16)
        • LIFO layer history proof (Report 16a)
        • LIFO inventory history detail (Report 17)
      • Inflation calculation reports
        • Internal Indexes
          • Current year index calculation summary (Report 27)
          • Current year index calculation detail (Reports 27a & 27b)
          • Missing item cost exceptions detail (Report 28a)
          • Price change outliers detail (Report 28b)
          • Data input statistics (Report 29)
          • Inflation by product hierarchy (Report 30)
        • External Indexes (IPIC CPI/PPI)
          • Current year index calculation summary (Report 23S)
          • Current year index calculation detail (Report 23)
          • Category inflation index calculation detail (Report 24)
          • Discontinued/replaced BLS categories (Report 25)
          • IPIC pooling method 5% test proof (Report 26)
      • Supplemental reports
        • Projections (Report 1)
        • Consolidated reports multiple entities
        • Reports including Sec. 263A UNICAP costs
        • IPIC CPI/PPI comparator report
        • Schedule M adjustment & LIFO expense breakdown reports
  • Service Organization Control (SOC) Report
    • Independent CPA firm issues SOC 1 Type 2 report to LIFO-PRO annually (formerly known as SAS 70 Report)
    • Prepared in accordance with AT-C section 320, Reporting on an Examination of Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to User Entities’ Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
    • Report on the fairness of the presentation of management’s description of the service organization’s system and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of the controls to achieve the related control objectives included in the description throughout a specified period
    • Provides clients & their CPA firms our independent auditor’s annual report on controls & service procedures in place & software used by LIFOPro
    • Providing auditors with this report could reduce substantive testing related to LIFO calculation
    • Copy of this report is available to LIFOPro clients & their auditors/CPA firms
  • Pricing & Terms
    • Pricing is based on company size & engagement scope
    • Terms are for a one-year period & are free of multi-year commitments
    • Recurring annual fee is guaranteed to remain the same for at least 3 years
    • LIFOPro reports delivered electronically including comprehensive documentation of all LIFO amounts required to record adjusting general ledger & tax return entries (all reports can be delivered as either Excel/PDF files)
    • Also includes:
      • Up to three interim LIFO estimates for companies using external indexes (using most recently published BLS inflation indexes & prior year end product mix & inventory balances)
      • Unlimited report revisions
      • Up to 40 hours of GAAP & IRS audit support
      • Copy of LIFOPro’s annual SOC 1 Type II report
      • Customized supplemental services requested by client

  • How to Get Started

    Ready to get started today? Send the required documentation listed below to receive your complimentary Best LIFO Practices & Review Report, a sample LIFOPro report package & fee quote.

    • Best LIFO Practices Review & turnkey outsourcing solutions fee quote documentation
      • LIFO layer history/carryforward schedule from last two periods closed
      • Inflation index calculation documentation from the last period closed (also known as item detail, stock status or inventory valuation report)
      • Product hierarchies (if available)
      • LIFO calculation policies & procedures documentation (if available)
      • Any other schedules/documents not listed above used to complete prior year LIFO calculation
      • See our documentation request listing here: Review & fee quote documentation request
      • Send documentation to LIFOPro@LIFOPro.com or upload here: https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/LIFO-PRO
      • LIFOPro will email review report, fee quote & sample LIFOPro report package within one week of receiving above documentation (LIFOPro will also contact you to schedule a time to discuss engagement options, documentation requirements, expected/required receivables/deliverables timing)
  • Learn More

    Want to learn more about our turnkey outsourcing solutions? Schedule an introductory call or Teams meeting with LIFOPro by calling 402-330-8573, emailing lifopro@lifopro.com or using our online scheduling tool by clicking here: Schedule Call With LIFOPro

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