Bob Richardson

As LIFOPro has evolved in the last three decades since our inception in 1992, we are constantly making improvements based on our client’s needs. With the advancement of technology, companies are expecting web-based software solution options more than ever. LIFOPro has answered that call with our new private cloud. As efficient as our software & customer service is, this enhancement allows us to best serve our valued customers.

Using our private cloud allows you to access the LIFOPro software via a virtual machine, meaning all the hassles of on-premise usage are eliminated. Key features of our private cloud include:

  • Offering LIFOPro access & usage to unlimited users from anywhere without having to have the software installed on your PC
  • Automatic software version updates
  • Automatic BLS CPI & PPI file downloads for IPIC Method CPI/PPI users
  • Same functionalities in the cloud that are supported in the on-premise version, including:
    • Loading files from your PC’s local/network drive into the LIFOPro software private cloud
    • Printing or saving reports from our private cloud to your PC’s local/network drives & printers
  • Real-time review & support
  • LIFOPro software data file backup & versioning
  • Assurance of a SOC Report
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