Bob Richardson

LIFOPro highly values the relationships we have with all of our software users. When we begun as a software-only company, we knew there was a great desire for automating calculations & greatly simplifying LIFO procedures. Since then, we’ve taken great pride in having of the most reputable & successful companies as software users.

In our efforts to enhance our website and build further credibility with prospective software users, we’re asking current software users for their permission to display their company’s logo on the Our Clientele page of the website. For companies that are both able to and willing to do so, LIFOPro is offering the following promotions in exchange for your permission to display your logo on our site:

  • Upgrade to our software private cloud at no additional cost (current LIFOPro software license cost is locked in for the next three years)
  • Lock in your current annual LIFOPro software license cost for the next five years

For most companies, each of the above offers will typically represent a 5-10% savings in your annual software license cost. For example, for a company with a $5,000 annual LIFOPro software license cost, locking in your current annual LIFOPro software license cost for the next five years could save you around $500/year (total savings dependent on the last time that your LIFOPro software license cost increased). The same could be said about the typical cost of upgrading from an on-premise to private cloud version of our software.

We know our software represents great value to all companies on LIFO. With your help, we believe we can further expand our user base of software users add credibility to our offerings by displaying your logo on the Our Clientele page, and pass along savings or feature improvements to you in return.

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