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LIFOPro has completed the annual updates to the excel file used by LIFOPro clients for populating BLS PPI Table 9 category names via VLOOKUP formulas in their inventory detail files. LIFOPro clients should use the email received containing the Complete Table 9 PPI Category Name file download link to obtain the updated file (feel free to call or email us to obtain the download link or password if needed). LIFOPro clients can use the download link provided to them to obtain the updated file. The changes represent the cumulative set of added, deleted (discontinued) and recoded PPI categories/codes that have been published over the last year (BLS publishes these change tri-annually; LIFOPro updates the PPI Table 9 Category Name File annually). The LIFOPro software’s PPI category name file (catname.ppi) has also been updated to include these changes and LIFOPro software users that have automatic downloads enabled will have this file updated automatically upon entering the IPIC module. LIFOPro software users that manually download their PPI LIFOPro software files from the “Other Downloads & Resources” tab of our downloads page will need to download the updated catname.ppi file to replace their old file.

LIFOPro's Complete Table 9 PPI Code List Excel File
Note: This is a password-protected zip file that contains LIFOPro’s complete Table 9 PPI code list Excel file. Software users may unzip this file by using the password provided to them to in the past that’s used to unzip this file. Contact LIFOPro via email at
lifopro@lifopro.com or via phone at 402-330-8573 if you are a software user, need the password but do not have it.

How & Why the BLS Changes PPI Table 9 Categories

How and why the BLS changes PPI categories are dependent on the type of the change; they are as follows:

  • Additions – These changes represent PPI categories that the BLS begun collecting price surveys and publishing price indexes on for the first time. Common reasons why additions are made relate to new products being produced that never existed before as a result of technological advances. Examples include plastic products that used to only be produced using metal and new types of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages that were previously unavailable but are now produced on a large scale.
  •  Deletions (discontinuations) – These changes represent PPI categories that the BLS has published price indexes for in the past, but will no longer collect price surveys nor publish indexes for in the future. Common reasons why deletions occur include commodities becoming obsolete (i.e. windmills or typewriters) or an insufficient amount of price surveys being available to merit index publication (this often happens with products that used to be but are no longer made in the United States due to production facilities being moved to foreign countries; examples include certain children’s toys and many consumer electronic products).
  • Recoded – These changes represent PPI categories that the BLS has and will continue to publish price indexes for under a different – numbered PPI commodity code. Common reasons why PPI categories

How The Changes Impact IPIC PPI LIFO Calculations for LIFO-PRO Clients

Clients are largely unaffected by these changes as the LIFOPro software automatically reassigns the appropriate replacement codes to discontinued and recoded PPI categories. We do encourage them to review the list of new PPI categories in order to determine if PPI category assignments should change for items that the new code applies to (see list below).

Notable BLS PPI Table 9 Category Changes

  • New Codes:
    • Asphalt mineral-surfaced roll roofing and cap sheets, organic and fiberglass base
    • Drills and other mining machinery (except parts sold separately)
    • Distilled Whiskey, all other distilled liquor, excluding brandy
    • Photogenic sensitized film etc., less silver halide type (inc. X-Ray)
    • Hosiery & socks
    • Other book and pamphlet printing and binding
    • Non-aerospace type flared (metal) fittings, couplings and assemblies
    • Other prepared asphalt and tar products for roofing and siding
  • Discontinued Codes:
    • Frozen concentrated juices, excluding orange juice
    • All other finished hosiery and socks (excluding sheer)
    • Plastics dinnerware, tableware, kitchenware & oven-microwave ware (excluding foam & cups)
    • Mineral processing & beneficiation machinery (except parts sold separately)
    • Drills and other mining machinery (except parts sold separately)
  • Recoded Codes:
    • Frozen juices, ades, drinks and cocktails
    • Other book printing and binding
    • Underground mining machinery (except parts sold separately)
    • Mineral processing & beneficiation machinery (except parts sold separately)
    • Crushing, pulverizing & screening machinery (except parts sold separately)
BLS PPI Table 9 Detailed Report