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LIFOPro Software BLS Index Files Release Update

May CPI + PPI LIFOPro software data files are now available for download

June 2024 CPI Release Date – Thursday, July 11 @ 10am CST

June 2024 PPI Release Date – Friday, July 12 @ 10am CST

Latest software version & release date: 7.1.8 05/01/2024

External Indexes (IPIC Method Using BLS CPI/PPI)

Internal Indexes

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Software Installation & Update File Downloads

  • Current Version Installation & Update File Downloads

    Software Setup File

    Users that are installing the LIFOPro software for the first time need to download the LIFOPro Software Setup file. Select the button below to download the LIFOPro software setup file.

    LIFOPro Software Setup File

    Software Update File

    The LIFOPro software update file is intended to for users who’ve performed a full installation of the LIFOPro software, but need to upgrade to the latest version of the software without having to perform the first-time setup steps. To check if you’re using the latest version of the software, open the LIFOPro software on your computer, locate the Version number on the bottom right of the main menu screen & compare it to the version date listed at the top of this page. If the version number listed on this page is higher than the version number shown within the LIFOPro software on your computer, download the LIFOPro software update file using the button link below. Once you’ve downloaded this file, save it to the location of your current LIFOPro.exe file and overwrite the current version.

    LIFOPro Software Current Version Update File
  • First-time Installation, Setup & Update Steps

    First-time Installation, Setup & Download Steps

    Users that are setting up the LIFO-PRO software for the first time need to download the file below & perform a full installation. Use the instructions below to perform a full installation

    1. Download the First-time Installation Setup file here: LIFO-PRO Software Full Installation Setup File
    2. Upon finishing downloading, open the First-time Installation Setup file & follow the prompts in the installation wizard by selecting the next buttons until installation has finished
    3. Open the LIFO-PRO software
    4. If the Company selection menu appears with a blank screen, select the “Specify Top Level Data Path” command button text on the top left part of the screen
    5. Upon the System Information Update Screen appearing, select the Browse button & select your LIFO-PRO software data folder drive using the drop-down menu box to the right of the “Drive” text (if your data folder is located on a network drive i.e. server)
    6. Under the “Directory” text of the System Information Update Screen, use the directory tree displayed below the “Directories” text,  navigate to & select your LIFO-PRO software data folder by double-clicking on the folder name text
    7. On the System Information Update Screen, Select the “Use this Path” button after completing the above steps & wait for the software to advance to the Company selection menu screen
    8. Upon the Company Selection Menu Screen appearing, select the folder that you’d like to access by selecting the folder name text with a date displayed on the end of it. You have now arrived in the Main Menu of the LIFO-PRO software

    Version Update Steps

    Users that need to update to the latest version of the LIFO-PRO software & have previously performed a full installation should follow the steps below

    1. On your computer, make sure you have exited out of the LIFO-PRO software
    2. Download the LIFO-PRO software version update file in either of the above tabs
    3. Open file explorer & navigate to the LIFO-PRO software program folder location (default location is C:\LIFOPRO)
    4. In the file explorer screen, copy & paste the LIFO-PRO software update file into the LIFO-PRO software program folder; upon the replace or skip files prompt appearing, select the “Replace the file in the destination” option to overwrite your old LIFO-PRO software .exe file
    5. Version update completed

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