Bob Richardson

Key Senate Finance Committee Members Speak Out In Favor of LIFO Repeal

Some recent developments regarding senators + LIFO repeal.

Senator Cassidy stated that he strongly favors repealing LIFO during a recent meeting with the LIFO Coalition

Despite their efforts to explain the negative economic impact that LIFO repeal would have on companies that use LIFO, Mr. Cassidy appears determined to pursue LIFO repeal as part of the Senate Finance Committee’s effort to find additional revenue sources for the Congressional tax reform proposal.

Companies that use LIFO are key economic components of the communities that they operate within & are extremely influential in the decisions made by Congress, as they often act as the voice of their employees whom their members of Congress represent.

LIFO is at greater risk today than it has been for years & companies located in Louisiana should contact Senator Cassidy in support of LIFO

Sending a letter, email, calling or meeting with Mr. Cassidy’s staff in support of LIFO would be a great help in the effort to preserve LIFO. The LIFO Coalition’s Contact Congress page allows you to send a message that is pre-loaded onto their website that will be sent to Senator Cassidy by simply entering your name, address, and company information (takes about a minute to complete).

Send a message to Senator Cassidy & ask him to preserve LIFO using the LIFO Coalition’s Contact Congress tool:
Or copy this link into your internet browser:
Contact Senator Cassidy

Pro-LIFO Message Instructions

Those who wish to write their own email or letter should make sure to include the following within their email:
Full Name
Company Name
Company Location
Specifically mention that you are located in Senator Cassidy’s constituency

Providing specific details of the negative economic impacts of LIFO repeal that your company would suffer from is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! Suggested talking points include:
Reduction in workforce and/or new hires
Reduction in profit margin and/or after-tax operating income
Halt and/or slow company growth
Restrict reinvestment in capital assets
Restrict cash flow for replenishing inventories

The resources below include a “pro-LIFO” sample message template, LIFO facts, a study that summarizes the budgetary/economic impact of LIFO repeal & congressional contact information (email/link to your senator’s contact page):

Resources for Contacting Senator Cassidy

LIFO Fact Sheet
Fiscal Fact: Economic & Budgetary Impact of LIFO Repeal
Senate Contact Information List
Preserve LIFO Message Template
LIFO Repeal Update Blog
Senate Finance Committee List
GovTrack Representative/Senator Lookup Tool
Please forward Senator Cassidy’s reply message to LIFO-PRO.
The LIFO Coalition & LIFO-PRO thank you for your time & effort!