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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released October 2021 Producer Price Index (PPI) today. The all commodities index  rose 2.0% in the last month and increased 22.2% in the last twelve months. Processed foods + feeds decreased 0.6% from September 2021 and rose 14.0% since October 2020. Cereal and bakery products rose 1.4% in the last month and increased by 6.6% in the last twelve months. Soft drinks increased 0.6% from September 2021 and rose 7.6% since October 2020. Textile products + apparel increased 1.6% in the last month and rose by 11.6% in the last twelve months.

Chemicals + allied products decreased 0.4% from September 2021 and rose 24.1% since October 2020. Prepared paint increased 1.0% in the last month and rose 11.5% in the last twelve months. Plastic resins + materials increased 3.3% from September 2021 and rose 44.6% since October 2020. Rubber + plastic products increased 1.7% in the last month and rose 16.9% in the last twelve months. Synthetic rubber, including styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) + ethylene propylene, rose 1.4% from September 2021 and increased 31.9% since October 2020. Miscellaneous rubber products rose 1.0% in the last month and increased by 7.4% in the last twelve months. Plastic products rose 2.0% from September 2021 and rose 18.8% since October 2020.

Lumber + wood products rose 1.3% in the last month and increased by 3.3% in the last twelve months. Pulp, paper + allied products increased 1.5% from September 2021 and rose 13.9% since October 2020. Pulp, paper + products increased 2.3% in the last month and rose 16.2% in the last twelve months. Metals + metal products rose 2.4% from September 2021 and increased 42.5% since October 2020. Iron + steel rose 3.7% in the last month and increased 97.0% in the last twelve months. Iron + steel scrap increased 1.5% from September 2021 and rose by 61.5% since October 2020. Steel mill products rose 4.8% in the last month and increased 135.4% in the last twelve months. Nonferrous mill shapes increased 0.9% from September 2021 and rose 30.3% since October 2020.

Hardware rose 2.1% in the last month and increased 10.2% in the last twelve months. Heating equipment increased 1.5% from September 2021 and rose 14.1% since October 2020. Sheet metal products increased by 1.1% in the last month and rose by 30.7% in the last twelve months. Fabricated ferrous wire products increased 1.9% from September 2021 and rose by 21.3% since October 2020. Machinery + equipment rose 0.7% in the last month and increased by 5.0% in the last twelve months. Agricultural machinery + equipment rose 1.6% since September 2021 and increased 9.2% from October 2020. Industrial material handling equipment rose by 1.6% in the last month and increased 9.7% in the last twelve months. Air conditioning + refrigeration equipment increased 2.4% from September 2021 and rose 9.5% since October 2020.

Wiring devices rose 0.4% in the last month and increased 24.0% in the last twelve months. Transformers + power regulators rose 2.9% from September 2021 and increased 24.0% since October 2020. Transformers + power regulators rose by 2.9% in the last month and increased 24.0% in the last twelve months. Furniture + household durables rose by 0.6% from September 2021 and increased 8.0% since October 2020. Wood household furniture rose 1.1% in the last month and increased 8.9% in the last twelve months. Floor coverings rose 1.1% from September 2021 and increased 5.3% since October 2020. Truck + bus bodies increased 1.3% in the last month and rose by 6.4% in the last twelve months. Truck trailers rose 6.6% since September 2021 and increased 12.7% from October 2020.




BLS PPI Annual Inflation Rate Averages Table for Selected Commodities Through October 2021

 PPI CodeBLS PPI Category Description1M 10/21YTD 10/211Y 10/213Y 10/215Y 10/2110Y 10/2120Y 10/21
01FARM PRODUCTS-0.7%14.5%24.4%8.5%6.7%0.6%3.2%
011Fruits & melons, fresh/dry vegs. & nuts6.3%3.8%-6.8%5.4%4.0%3.0%4.0%
013Slaughter livestock-2.3%21.2%24.4%5.5%6.0%0.4%2.6%
014Slaughter poultry-2.1%30.2%68.1%10.4%8.1%4.1%3.8%
015Raw cotton13.8%45.0%49.6%12.5%8.8%0.9%5.0%
016Raw milk2.9%-14.1%-10.0%0.7%0.3%-1.3%0.3%
017Chicken eggs-11.8%43.7%39.2%0.2%18.6%-1.2%3.6%
018Hay, hayseeds and oilseeds-5.2%7.7%34.0%13.4%6.8%0.2%4.1%
02PROCESSED FOODS AND FEEDS-0.6%10.2%14.0%5.0%3.2%1.7%2.7%
021Cereal and bakery products1.4%8.1%6.6%3.2%2.5%1.5%2.7%
022Meats, poultry, and fish-3.4%23.2%35.3%9.8%5.6%3.1%3.1%
023Dairy products1.3%4.6%2.5%2.5%1.7%0.5%1.7%
024Processed fruits and vegetables0.2%2.9%4.3%2.1%2.0%1.7%2.8%
025Sugar and confectionery0.7%3.0%2.9%1.9%1.1%0.6%2.7%
026Beverages and beverage materials0.6%2.3%3.0%2.4%1.8%1.3%2.0%
027Fats and oils-1.3%39.0%51.0%14.4%8.0%1.7%6.3%
028Miscellaneous processed foods1.2%5.0%3.8%2.4%2.3%1.5%2.1%
029Prepared animal feeds-1.8%7.3%19.7%6.1%3.7%1.0%3.8%
03TEXTILE PRODUCTS AND APPAREL1.6%12.9%11.6%3.9%3.4%1.7%1.7%
031Synthetic fibers3.1%21.7%18.8%5.4%5.4%2.4%1.8%
032Processed yarns and threads3.9%24.6%20.0%5.0%5.0%0.9%2.4%
033Greige fabrics0.8%10.7%10.4%2.6%2.1%0.1%1.5%
034Finished fabrics0.4%11.8%11.9%4.9%3.7%2.0%2.0%
038Apparel & other fabricated textile prods0.9%4.9%4.2%2.0%1.7%1.7%1.3%
039Miscellaneous textile products/services4.2%20.1%17.6%2.9%3.1%1.2%1.6%
04HIDES, SKINS, LEATHER, AND RELATED PRODUCTS-5.9%6.2%30.7%1.4%-1.4%-1.1%0.6%
041Hides and skins, incl. cattle-16.5%4.0%128.4%-1.2%-6.9%-6.1%-1.6%
044Other leather and related products0.4%2.5%2.1%1.6%1.6%2.0%1.6%
05FUELS AND RELATED PRODUCTS AND POWER7.5%45.7%44.3%6.3%8.2%0.7%4.1%
053Gas fuels30.2%141.9%133.9%24.3%15.4%1.4%3.6%
055Utility natural gas11.7%27.6%29.6%12.1%7.7%3.5%2.8%
056Crude petroleum (domestic production)16.6%75.9%102.5%1.5%10.7%-1.5%5.6%
057Petroleum products, refined8.1%68.9%77.1%6.1%11.9%-0.6%6.1%
058Asphalt and other petroleum and coal products, n.e.c.1.4%24.9%43.1%-0.5%11.7%-1.7%7.7%
06CHEMICALS AND ALLIED PRODUCTS-0.4%21.4%24.1%5.0%5.3%2.2%4.2%
061Industrial chemicals-2.8%42.5%51.9%5.2%7.5%0.1%5.0%
062Paints and allied products0.3%11.0%10.0%5.2%4.6%2.5%3.7%
063Drugs and pharmaceuticals-0.3%1.9%1.8%2.3%3.1%4.7%4.5%
064Fats and oils, inedible-0.4%60.0%74.7%25.4%11.2%1.0%7.8%
065Agricultural chemicals and chemical products1.8%33.2%36.0%8.6%7.6%1.3%4.1%
066Plastic resins and materials3.3%42.3%44.6%10.1%7.7%3.4%4.4%
067Other chemicals and allied products0.9%6.1%6.1%2.5%2.2%1.7%2.3%
07RUBBER AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS1.7%17.6%16.9%5.2%4.5%2.1%3.0%
071Rubber and rubber products0.8%10.5%10.7%2.9%2.8%0.3%2.7%
072Plastic products2.0%19.8%18.8%5.9%5.0%2.7%3.1%
08LUMBER AND WOOD PRODUCTS1.3%8.4%3.3%7.2%5.7%4.3%2.6%
084Other wood products-0.3%19.1%21.4%7.8%6.3%4.1%2.5%
085Logs, bolts, timber, pulpwood, woodchips and other roundwood products-1.7%7.7%13.2%1.5%1.7%1.2%1.8%
086Prefabricated wood buildings & components-0.3%19.4%19.7%8.8%7.1%4.7%3.4%
087Treated wood and contract wood preserving3.0%-1.1%-14.4%4.2%3.2%3.9%1.9%
09PULP,PAPER, AND ALLIED PRODUCTS1.5%14.1%13.9%4.7%4.0%2.0%2.5%
091Pulp, paper, and prod., ex. bldg. paper2.3%17.8%16.2%4.7%4.3%2.1%2.7%
092Building paper & building board mill prods.-5.9%8.9%26.0%16.1%11.5%8.1%5.0%
094Publications, printed matter & printing material0.1%5.1%6.1%3.3%2.4%1.3%
10METALS AND METAL PRODUCTS2.4%39.9%42.5%12.9%10.6%3.7%4.9%
101Iron and steel3.7%84.5%97.0%20.2%17.4%5.1%6.9%
102Nonferrous metals1.4%20.3%22.1%11.7%9.6%2.6%5.1%
103Metal containers2.3%16.6%15.1%5.5%5.5%2.3%2.9%
105Plumbing fixtures and fittings0.2%3.3%3.1%3.4%3.0%2.3%2.6%
106Heating equipment1.5%15.0%14.1%6.5%5.1%3.6%3.8%
107Fabricated structural metal products1.6%35.8%36.2%11.3%8.8%4.5%4.2%
108Miscellaneous metal products1.6%11.4%9.9%4.3%3.8%1.8%2.2%
11MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT0.7%5.5%5.0%2.9%2.3%1.4%1.1%
111Agricultural machinery and equipment1.6%10.2%9.2%4.9%3.6%2.5%2.8%
112Construction machinery and equipment1.6%7.0%5.4%4.5%2.9%2.4%2.7%
113Metalworking machinery and equipment0.8%5.4%4.8%2.7%2.3%1.7%1.7%
114General purpose machinery and equipment1.2%8.4%7.7%4.2%3.7%2.7%3.0%
115Electronic computers and computer equipment-1.1%3.2%3.1%-1.9%-1.2%-2.4%-5.4%
116Special industry machinery and equipment-0.1%9.8%11.1%4.7%3.4%2.2%1.9%
117Electrical machinery and equipment0.4%4.1%3.6%2.2%1.6%0.8%0.2%
118Miscellaneous instruments0.4%2.3%2.1%2.0%1.9%1.7%1.7%
119Miscellaneous machinery0.5%2.9%2.5%1.9%1.5%1.0%1.8%
12FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD DURABLES0.6%9.3%9.0%4.4%3.6%2.2%2.0%
121Household furniture0.7%11.0%10.8%4.7%3.9%2.6%2.4%
122Commercial furniture0.7%11.2%10.7%5.6%4.7%2.9%2.6%
123Floor coverings1.1%6.1%5.3%2.1%2.5%1.5%2.4%
124Household appliances0.5%6.9%5.6%4.0%3.1%1.8%1.3%
125Home electronic equipment0.2%6.8%6.4%3.4%1.9%0.7%-1.0%
126Other household durable goods0.4%8.6%9.8%4.2%3.0%2.0%1.7%
13NONMETALIC MINERAL PRODUCTS0.7%7.0%6.6%3.5%3.4%3.0%3.3%
132Concrete ingredients and related products0.3%4.4%4.1%3.9%3.7%3.8%3.8%
133Concrete products0.7%6.5%5.3%4.1%3.8%3.5%3.4%
134Clay construction products ex. refractories1.1%5.2%4.6%2.8%2.0%1.5%1.3%
136Asphalt felts and coatings0.2%13.5%12.4%5.1%5.1%1.7%5.0%
137Gypsum products1.8%20.2%22.2%5.3%6.0%7.0%5.2%
138Glass containers0.0%5.4%5.2%3.3%2.5%2.0%2.6%
139Other nonmetallic minerals0.3%6.9%6.6%1.9%2.3%1.8%3.2%
14TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT0.6%3.1%3.3%1.5%1.3%1.3%1.4%
141Motor vehicles and equipment0.8%3.8%4.3%1.5%1.3%1.2%1.0%
142Aircraft and aircraft equipment0.2%1.2%1.1%1.4%1.3%1.4%2.2%
143Ships and boats0.2%3.9%3.7%2.7%2.1%1.7%2.5%
144Railroad equipment0.4%1.3%1.0%0.4%0.4%1.0%2.1%
149Transportation equipment, n.e.c.0.8%6.8%6.3%2.9%2.6%1.7%1.5%
15MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS0.9%5.6%5.3%4.1%3.5%2.7%2.5%
151Toys, sporting goods, small arms, etc.0.6%8.3%7.9%4.1%2.6%1.8%1.6%
152Tobacco products, incl. stemmed & redried0.9%7.0%8.7%6.6%6.5%5.6%4.4%
154Photographic equipment and supplies1.8%7.4%4.9%4.7%3.4%3.0%1.5%
155Mobile homes2.1%25.0%20.1%13.5%10.1%6.3%5.1%
156Medical, surgical & personal aid devices0.3%1.2%0.5%1.3%1.1%0.9%1.2%
157Other industrial safety equipment0.0%5.3%5.6%3.6%1.7%1.9%1.8%
159Other miscellaneous products1.9%7.9%6.4%5.2%3.9%2.1%2.2%

Note: Capitalized BLS PPI Category Descriptions denote a 02-digit BLS PPI Major Commodity Group. These represent the 15 commodity-based BLS groups used as IPIC Pooling method LIFO pools.

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