Bob Richardson

On August 14th, 2015, the Central Penn Business Journal published an article written by Cathy Kolakowski. She is the Owner of CK Bookkeeping Services based in Lower Paxton Township, PA.

In her article, Kolakowski places the Obama administration and certain members of congress responsible for leading ill-conceived efforts to repeal the LIFO Method of accounting. She continues her argument by stating , “Using LIFO repeal as a horse-trading scheme may get things done for elected officials in Washington but would be extremely detrimental to the business community here in Pennsylvania”.

Ms. Kolakowski continues by addressing the implications of LIFO repeal by highlighting the following:

  • Pennsylvania employers incur retroactive tax increases immediately
  • Tax increases would carry forward in subsequent years
  • Businesses being forced to borrow to pay retroactive LIFO tax back
  • Force some companies out of business
  • Loss of jobs due to small business being forced to close down

Kolakowski objects to her Pennsylvania lawmakers and constituents by stating, “Here in the commonwealth, we are relying on our elected officials in Washington to do the right thing”… “The Pennsylvania business community cannot afford legislative changes that threaten its ability to provide jobs or stay in business. Legislators must endeavor to find other funding solutions”.

CK Bookkeeping Services offers financial statement & payroll functions; Kolakowski is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and can assist with one-time QuickBooks setup.

Bob Richardson


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